The Chattel Report

What this information represents is how one man was able to ditch his job, and live a life of pure freedom – and to not only live but thrive, by buying and selling personal property, also known as chattel.

Wouldn’t you like to do the same too? To find out how... READ ON!


  • Small investment, start with only 100 bucks, which means:

    • NO loans from banks or investors.
    • NO borrowing from relatives.
    • NO hassles.

  • No overhead. Work at home.

    • No equipment to buy or lease.
    • No office or store to go to.
    • NO ROAD RAGE in rush hour traffic.
    • No LATCH KEY kids in your house.

  • NO skills. No special talents. NO education required.
  • NO BOSS. Hey let's repeat this one: NO BOSS!
  • NO customers, clients or pain in the neck EMPLOYEES.
  • Unlimited Potential.
  • PRIVATE-- NO one even needs to know you do it.

And it is so SIMPLE, even my 11 year old does it.


Buying and selling of CHATTEL. Personal property. It is a MULTI BILLION dollar industry that is available to everyone. Many have learned how to do it and have made a great living - with no boss! You could do it part-time or full-time - whatever fits your lifestyle!

Any extra cash be used for anything a person wants to do. For example...

  • Pay off ALL the bills, and live totally debt free.
  • Start a DREAM BUSINESS...
  • Build a dream CASTLE. Become the KING or QUEEN of the world - Your world that is.
  • Take a VACATION anywhere in the world!

Here's a FACT. Living your dreams is often dependent on how much MONEY you earn. And that is why you may be looking into money making opportunities. That's how you came to this site, right?

Maybe you are tired of not making enough money to fulfill all of your dreams.

Perhaps you have a JERK for a boss. Or you have a long drive on smog covered expressways full of angry people ready to shoot you at the push of a break pedal.

Whatever the reason, there is a good chance that you are NOT making enough MONEY to do what you really want to. But of course, you may not even know what you want to do.

Here is what I believe to be a truth. If you had ENOUGH MONEY, to take the daily pressures off, then you could spend some TIME to find out what would really make you happy.

But as my old friend Joe Karbo used to say:

"Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money."

And it was Joe that taught me about the "world's most exciting business" the DIRECT RESPONSE BUSINESS. Some call it Mail Order. Or Remote Direct Marketing. And I have been involved in this business, it seems, forever.

But it was ALSO Joe who taught me about CHATTEL. And how buying and selling of chattel could get me the START-UP capital for any type of business. At the time I was a student at Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach, California. I think I was taking Surfing 101 as I remember it. Mostly just hanging out. And Joe was at Sunset Beach when I first 'bumped' into him, literally. Well, anyhow, that story is not important.

Here's What's Important...

Joe told me about how he made money BUYING & SELLING surplus boxes after he got out of the Service. (We were kindered spirits, he was a Pharmacists Mate, I was a Commissaryman).

And that is the money he used to buy a brand new car (with CASH), moved into a handsome apartment, and put over $10,000 in the bank, all through BUYING & SELLING.

Joe also BOUGHT a boat (which is CHATTEL) for a fraction of what the owner had paid. And when Joe sold that boat, he made a very substantial PROFIT.

Joe Karbo is considered by many to be a marketing genius. And I agree with that. What most people don't know about Joe, he was "accessible" and helpful to people and he gave this young college student more than the time of day. He gave me a way to make money, anywhere, anytime I needed to.

Are you too busy earning a living that you don't have the time to make any money?

Let me introduce you to what I affectionately call Joe's OTHER direct response business: the BUYING & SELLING of CHATTEL. And as I mentioned, it is so simple my 11 year old does it.

You probably DO IT too. Or have. Have you EVER bought anything from some other person? At a garage sale? Or yard sale? Or swap meet or flea market? Or from the classified section in the newspaper?

Almost EVERYONE has bought and sold some of their PERSONAL PROPERTY at one time or another.

But have you ever considered it as a way to MAKE MONEY?


Well I have. After one of the greatest marketing minds the world has ever known OPENED MY EYES to buying and selling. And if was good enough for Joe Karbo, friends, it is good enough for me.

Now I also, like Joe did, develop products and do Direct Response Marketing. That is what I'm doing right now. I'm trying to sell you a product that I have created, just like Joe taught me.

I want to sell my special report to YOU, directly. And I'm adding an element I learned from one of my other mentors, Benjamin D. Suarez. I'm doing it REMOTELY.

Ben Suarez owns a debt free 100 Million dollar international direct response company. He employs nearly 1000 people here in Northeast Ohio. And Ben personally recruited me from a seminar audience to come and work for him. Based upon what I had learned from Joe Karbo, and Melvin Powers and a few other "mentors".

And although I did take a position with Ben's company, (he made an offer I couldn't refuse), I CONTINUED to work my little operation of BUYING & SELLING of CHATTEL. And made more in one fifth of the time than I did working for someone else.

It's Time To Reveal My Secrets!

So I thought it was time to share my secrets with those of you that might be ready to get out of the rat race, and into the CHIPS. ARE YOU READY?

BUT FIRST, let me get this off my chest. CHATTEL may NOT be the way for you to make money on a PERMANENT basis. It takes time and effort. I personally don't believe in FREE lunches. I don't like people that sit around their kitchen table in their underwear and tell people how they can "get rich" doing practically nothing. And then have the gall to sell you a 500.00 "course" in doing what they did. This really peeves me.

But, WHATEVER! I mention this because I'm not going to sell you a course. I will however sell you a brief report that I put together, with the help of my teenagers, based on what I KNOW and DO. A report on CHATTEL. And how buying and selling chattel can make you money. OH, I am going to be making some money from selling you this report. Do you mind? I hope not, after all YOU are going to learn how to make money.

But don't you judge information by volurme or weight. If you want lots of pages, I'll send you a phonebook? OK? This report is around 60 pages. It contains everything you need to get started. REAL LIFE information like:

  • The BREAD & BUTTER of chattel.
  • MY personal areas I avoid. (You'll be surprised).
  • How to build NETWORKS of cash laden buyers.
  • The PSYCHOLOGY behind this billion dollar industry.

You get the information you really NEED to get started. In fact, you will be doing exercises within the first hour that teach you how to find UNDERVALUED chattel, and WHERE you should sell it.

And even if you don't do it on a REGULAR basis, it still can give you ALL THE CASH you need to start a business you really want to do. Perhaps a REMOTE DIRECT RESPONSE BUSINESS. (Hey maybe I can help you with that one also, AFTER you have raised some money, because in "mail order" it takes money to make money, and I don't care what anyone tells you to the contrary).

So, PLEASE don't BUY THIS report, if you are not seriously interested in doing something about your current financial situation. This is NOT a magic wand that eliminates your problems. But it CAN help you make money.

I have written this report with the average person in mind.

Because I consider myself to be VERY average and ordinary.

So this little money maker:

  • Does not take BRAINS. Hey I was 760 in my high school class. Out of only 900+ people. I'm a long way from brainy. (Although I do have some pretty good common sense.)
  • Requires NO education. Did I mention I went to college mostly to meet the ladies? Nothing wrong with that is there?
  • Can be started for 100 dollars. I think most AVERAGE people like myself can come up with 100 bucks to get started.
  • Builds step-by-step on the profits you make from the previous TRANSACTION.

See, I designed this report for those people that have been burned. Or scammed. Or had their dreams stolen by the unscrupulous. Or had their hard earned money taken by some fast talking swindler. And FRIENDS, there are plenty of them on the internet.

I (and my teenagers) put this report together so that anyone with the ability to read can understand it.

I hold you by the hand, and teach you how to crawl. How to invest that 100 bucks, so that you get a SUBSTANTIAL return on your investment.

I encourage YOU to go as slow OR AS FAST AS YOU DESIRE. I'm not about to limit anyone. Want to go faster, skip ahead a few weeks. I set up the GROW-PLAN to have you do ONE transaction a week for 12 weeks. But, feel free to do it at your own speed and comfort. Just keep going, and you'll make it!

If you have never done anything like this before, then I teach you to CRAWL. Then in week 3 to TODDLE. Then in week 8 to walk. And in week 12 you can RUN AT BREAKNECK SPEED, if you so desire. Run all the way to the bank.

I call this THE G-PLAN. G stands for GROW. The grow as you go plan.

My teenager calls it the 12 STEP PLAN. 12 weekly, easy to follow steps, buying and selling. And re-investing your profits each week, until you reach YOUR GOALS.

And I say your goals, because maybe $1.000.00 a week from some part time effort does nothing for you. So set YOUR GOALS higher. Make as much as you want, or take the money you make from THE PLAN and invest it in something else. Hey it is YOUR LIFE. DO AS YOU PLEASE.

Now to receive this special report on CHATTEL, simply click on the link below. It costs just $47. It's a digital download, so shipping is free!

Keep the report for 60 days. If you don't make money, or it is not for you. Simply let my friend Dien Rice know, and he'll give you a full refund.

And for those of you that do not know me, if this is our first encounter, and you are concerned about the fly-by-nighters, I don't blame you, there are plenty of people to worry about taking your money in this world. PLENTY. But I'm not one of them.

Lived in Cuyahoga Falls since 1960. Graduated '68. (Yea 760th in my class). After the service, and travelling and going to school in CA, I have chosen to live here today (hey maybe I am a little crazy?). I'm not going anywhere except on a few vacations every year. You can find me at the GOLF COURSE or the Natatorium or down at the new family aquatic center floating in an inner tube around the lazy river, gleefully splashing my kids.

If that does not ease your mind a little, then please don't order the report. And don't ask for details about my business or my private life. You won't get them. So there. Hope you're not offended. Hey, I trust YOU enough to be honest with me about the report. OK?

Just Like Joe Karbo said to me many years ago; "TRY IT. AND JUDGE FOR YOURSELF."

If you have questions, e-mail me via my buddy Dien at We talk often, he'll let me know of any questions he can't handle.

NO QUESTIONS? Then go ahead and click on the order link! You're only a few short steps away from a lifetime of FREEDOM.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Gordon (Mr. CHATTEL) Alexander

P.S. The price is 47 dollars U.S. You can download it immediately (it's in PDF format), so there's no shipping charge!

I reserve the right to remove this offer at any time. And if you DO know me, then you know I will.

I guarantee you'll make moolah - or else you can use the no conditions 60-day money back guarantee.

P.P.S. My buddy Dien Rice bought one of my original reports - and he's been successfully "chatteling" for years now. I've asked him to add a few pages at the end of the report on how to do it - quickly and easily - using the internet. With this "twist," the profits are now easier to come by than ever before!

P.P.P.S. There's also a special new section about how one of the world's richest men - an American multi-BILLIONAIRE - got started, just by doing this. You'll find out who he is - and how he did it! What are you waiting for?

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